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Thermal vacuum and heat engineering tests

Aluminum Heat Pipes Kiev Research & Technological Centre carries out tests on heat pipes and cooling systems containing them as well as thermal vacuum tests of space applied solar batteries frames, photovoltaic solar cells, and other units of space vehicles, including micro satellites.
Tests are carried out in TVK-2.5 V-0.12 thermal vacuum chambers equipped with experimental benches.

TVK-2.5 Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Technical specification of VK-2.5 Chamber
- Cubic capacity of the Chamber:
2.5 m³
- Ultimate vacuum:
10-6 rr
- Cooling fluid:
liquid nitrogen
- Minimal temperature of the cryogenic screens:
- Blackness degree of the cryogenic screen covering:
≥ 0.92
- Radiation heat flow density:
1000-4000 W/m2
- Radiation wavelength band:
0.25-2.5 mkm
- Power consumption of the test bench:
not more than 10 kW
- Overall dimensions of the test bench:
8 8 3 m
V-2.5 experimental bench consists of: vacuum plant, cryogenic system, simulator of solar radiation (film heaters), simulator of the Earth radiation, computer-aided multi-channel temperature measuring system, unit for measurement of radiation intensity, support suspending system.

Vacuum tests of thermal mockup for -1-- micro satellite

pretest inspection of micro satellites thermal mockup mounting of temperature sensors

Appearance of V 0.12 thermal vacuum chamber and its structure

Technical specification
- Pressure inside the working volume of the Chamber:
not more than 510-5 Torr
- Temperature of the cryogenic screen:
not more than 180
- Blackness degree of the cryogenic screen covering:
> 0.92
- Simulator of the Sun ensures:
thermal radiation density - 1400 W/m2 and spectral band, which is close to the Sun spectrum.

The main components of 0.12 Chamber are:
1. Vacuum chamber with evacuating system.
2. Simulator of the space factors, which consists of cryogenic screens with liquid nitrogen feeding system.
3. Simulator of the Sun radiation, which consists of optical-mechanical unit of the radiation source, 358-180 ellipsoidal reflector with side cut, units and bays for control and parameters monitoring instruments.
4. Data measuring system with computer-aided experimental data processing.
5. Unit for fastening of the tested object, power feeding and control bus-bars, communication lines from the temperature sensors, heat flow sensors, etc.